Chiropractic And Wellness 101

Chiropractic And Your Health


Health begins at the cellular level. Each portion of our body–our skin, blood, bones, and organs–is made up of cells (about 75 trillion of them!) Each of those individual cells has five fundamental needs.

OXYGEN: The most important need is oxygen. If you want to test that principle, just to see how long you can hold your breath! Without air, you die very quickly – in just a matter of minutes. This, among other benefits, is why exercise is so important. The benefits may be hard to notice because many are preventative–such as the conditions that don’t manifest when you exercise on a regular basis. You can, however, see the evidence in people all around you of the adverse effects a sedentary lifestyle can have on an individual’s health.

WATER: The next most important need of our body is water. It is used to transport nutrients into the cells and to transport wastes out. As an infant, you are 85-95% water. By the time you are age 65, you are down to about 65% water. So, if most of body is water, it’s got to be critical. We eliminate water every day through excretion, perspiration, and exhalation. It constantly has to be replaced, and for an adult, that comes to about 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. The purity of that water will have a tremendous impact on our lives.

NUTRITION: The third most important cellular need is nutrition or food which brings in all of the nutrients, both macro nutrients (such as carbohydrates, fats, oils, and proteins) and micronutrients (such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals). All of these are required to make our body function correctly, not only allowing it to grow, but to maintain health. According to recent statistics, only about 8% of our population gets a balanced diet on a regular basis. That means that about 92% of our population falls either short in some nutrients or gets an excess of some nutrients. We are not talking about starvation as we see in some poverty-stricken areas, but a lack of balanced nutritional intake.

ELIMINATION: The fourth most important cellular need of the body is elimination. As cells work, they create waste byproducts, and those byproducts have to be taken out of the body. A good example of this is breathing. When we breathe in, we carry oxygen into the body. Through the normal metabolic processes inside our bloodstream, that oxygen is used and a byproduct is created called carbon dioxide. As we breathe out, we eliminate the carbon dioxide, as it would be poisonous to the body otherwise.

HOMEOSTASIS: The fifth most important cellular need of the body is the body’s need to maintain homeostasis (maintaining balance in all bodily functions). Commonly we don’t think of that as being critically important, but that process is going on constantly in the body as it seeks balance and harmony.

None of these cellular functions, however, can be accomplished without communication from the brain to every tissue and organ in the body. The brain must send messages to the body’s cells and the cell must communicate its needs back to the brain through the nervous system. That is why all approaches to health care should begin with assurance of a healthy flow of nerve impulses to allow the body to function at its optimal level. If this flow of communication is impaired and the body is not functioning at its optimum efficiency, all of our attempts to eat right, take vitamins or herbs, exercise, etc., will be compromised. That is where Chiropractic check-ups come in to play.

Dr. Howard Fleischer, DC and his staff specialize in locating and correcting these interferences in the Nervous system (Vertebral Subluxations) and helping you live as healthy and pain free life as is possible. Make an appointment today to visit us at our Culver City Chiropractic office.
We look forward to being your Chiropractor.

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Chiropractic In A Symptomatic/Medically Dominated World


Did you ever stop to think about what Chiropractic and the care you receive in this office says about you and the way you live your life? If you stop and take a long, hard look at the society around you, you will realize that you are on the outside of the “norm” looking in. The most current studies have shown that only about 10 – 20% of Americans get their spines checked regularly. Does this mean you are wrong? We’ll come back to that one later.

Health care in America is very simple. If you feel good or have no overt signs of disease you’re doing ok. If by chance you do end up with signs or symptoms don’t worry, your television can and will guide you to the drug most appropriate for you. Don’t believe me? Watch an hour of TV when you get home and count the drug commercials. While you’re at it, pay careful attention to the side effects at the end of the commercial. You know – the ones they sneak in very nonchalantly and quickly at the end. Most people don’t even pay attention. That is the whole idea.

Believe it or not, the people with the symptoms are the lucky ones. Yes, you heard right. They are getting advanced warning that their bodies are in trouble. For whatever reason! What about the poor people that all of a sudden suffer a massive heart attack or stroke and never knew it was coming. They “felt fine” up until that moment. Some are fortunate enough to live through it and get a second chance. Some aren’t! What about the people that go in for a routine physical
after a few years and the doctor tells them they have cancer? They felt fine up until that point!

Back to the original question. Does the fact that you get your spines checked regularly make you wrong? Does it make you someone that thinks “outside the box” ? Maybe yes to a degree on the second question. Is that a problem? Depends how you look at it. Society and public opinion is a funny thing. Even things that we take for granted today as concrete, set in stone laws were at one time or another not believed, ridiculed, persecuted for, or even killed for. How about some examples? The sun revolves around the earth, right? Wrong! Galileo was the first to prove that the earth revolved around the sun. At first he was not believed, and eventually was jailed by the Church for his theories. Today we know the truth! The earth is flat, right? Tell that to Christopher Columbus. Man can’t fly! The Wright brothers. Society and medicine used to believe that illness was caused by everything from evil spirits to “bad air”. Today we know that there is no one single cause for disease. It is a combination of susceptibility, genetics, exposure, and most importantly how your body resists and fights off the disease. Chiropractic obviously helps with reducing the body’s susceptibility to illness and disease by improving your Nervous and Immune systems. For the first fifty years of our profession we were called unscientific and even thrown in jail for “practicing medicine without a medical license because people got well under Chiropractic care.” See how things change!

As far as not being in the majority or doing something different goes – good for you. There are always people who have vision and can see beyond the current “wisdom” and prejudices of society and what is popular. Unfortunately, people’s gut response to anything new or different is usually negative. Really think about that one and how most people respond to change. If people choose to neglect their health through proper diet, exercise, Chiropractic, and poor choices like smoking that is their choice as well. Unfortunately they are the ones that usually end up with Dr. TV telling them what to do next. Congratulations on taking a step towards a healthier you.

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Health, The Nervous System, And Changing Physiology.


What exactly does it mean to be healthy? Are you as healthy as you could be? How important is your Nervous System? What exactly happens each and every time you get adjusted?

First question. Official definition from The World Health Organization: Health is a state of complete physical, emotional, and mental well being. Not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. So what exactly does that mean? Every part of your existence needs to be in order. It’s not enough to eat well and exercise. Not enough to get adjusted. Not enough to “feel good” or have no symptoms of pain or any disease. What a concept! I’ll bet if you asked anyone walking down the street if they were healthy or not they would judge their health on how they felt overall. Are they or you doing things to help your emotional and mental health? Are you making time for “you?” Are you laughing enough? Are you exercising and eating well? Do you know that the top three causes of death in this country are largely due to lifestyle choices? Heart attacks/stroke, cancer, and diabetes! If you don’t take care of your health today you may not be able to get it back tomorrow!

How important is your Nervous System in all of this? When you consider that EVERYTHING in the human experience starts with the Nervous System that should give you a big hint. Whether its your brain telling your heart, lungs and adrenals to kick into overdrive because there is a pit bull chasing you or your eyes or ears sending information to your brain so that it can react appropriately when a bus has lost control and is hurtling at you with its brakes screeching demonstrates that the gate-keeper and master controller is always the brain and the Nervous System. On a less dramatic, more day to day example your Nervous System is always guiding nutrients and oxygen wherever it may be needed in the body. It is producing hormones and chemicals in the right amounts and at the right times for every process in the body.

What exactly happens each and every time you get adjusted? (When the Chiropractor moves the vertebrae off of the nerve.) Think of it on a cellular level if your imagination is that vivid. You walk into the Chiropractor with a Subluxation (bone out of place pinching a nerve). You get adjusted. It feels great. End of story, right? Wrong!!!!! That bone that was just cutting off the vital messages to whatever part of the body (heart, lungs, stomach, etc…) is now back where it belongs. Life is being restored where only a second ago there was none! The cells are happy. They are getting everything they need in the correct amounts at the right times. What do cells do? Other than their programmed function (stomach cells digest, heart cells contract, liver cells detoxify, etc…) they divide, replicate and reproduce themselves. A few seconds ago they were not getting everything they needed. Were they reproducing themselves as healthy, complete cells or as a fraction of what they could and should be? BACK TO THE DEFINITION OF HEALTH! It applies to cells as well. Now they are reproducing as healthier cells. What does that mean for you? For your health? For your life? Chiropractic is not everything! No one thing will ever be as I’ve shown in this article. But can you see how absolutely vital a healthy Nervous System is to your Health and Wellness?

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