A Chiropractic topic that I would like to discuss with you is the difference between the medical term Disease and the Chiropractic term Dis-ease. There is a distinct difference between the two; and understanding the difference between them is a fundamental part in the understanding of health.

The medical term Disease simply represents any group of symptoms grouped together and given some type of name. For example, a cough, sneeze, drowsiness, and runny nose grouped together is given the name “Common Cold”; swollen tonsils with a possible fever is given the name “Tonsillitis”; abnormal growth of cells in the body is given the name “Cancer”; pain in the low back with pain or numbness shooting down the leg is given the name “Sciatica”, etc…. The term disease is a very all encompassing way to look at the absence of health.

The Chiropractic term Dis-ease on the other hand has nothing to do with symptoms, conditions, or Latin given names of diagnosis. The term Dis-ease simply means lack of ease or harmony within the body. It occurs when for any reason the Innate Intelligence of the body is not able to carry out its functions to its optimal capacity. This would obviously occur whenever there is interference in the transmission of mental impulses in the body (nervous system primarily), resulting in less than 100% optimal function. There are several causes of Dis-ease in the human body. The most obvious would of course be a Subluxation interfering with the transmission of mental impulses or commands by way of the Nervous System. Another cause of Dis-ease would be a completely severed nerve. A third cause of Dis-ease would be the ingestion of Tylenol, aspirin, Advil, or any such drug, prescription or over the counter. The reason for this is that the effect of these drugs is to sedate the nerves that are giving you the pain messages by completely blocking their transmission of impulses going up to the brain. Hence, they are not really fixing anything, just putting a Band-Aid on and blocking signals that will still be there when the drug wears off.

The word “disease” implies an entity, a presence of something that has affected the body adversely. There are approximately 2,000 named diseases today, each one requiring a different medical treatment. Dis-ease on the other hand denotes the absence of an entity. The entity that is absent is co-ordinated organized function, or relative health. Disease, or the identifiable presence of symptoms, can be manifested when the body is functioning perfectly. This takes place during the repair process after the cause has been corrected, but before repair is complete. During that time, function is perfect for that body in its current state of unwholeness, but symptoms persist. (An example of this would be the persistence of a cough even when the offending virus or bacteria have been eliminated from the body.)

Conversely, Dis-ease can be present when there is no disease. When a subluxation is present, but before the tissue damage has reached the identifiable symptomatic stage, there is, of course, Dis-ease or incoordination, but no disease.

The major problem is that most people see disease as an entity and Health as the absence of disease. In actuality, the opposite is the truth. The fact is this – Health is the real entity (full complement consists of physical, mental and emotional health.), and disease is the absence of health. Light and darkness is a perfect analogy to this. If health is analogous to light, and disease is analogous to darkness. For anyone to say that darkness is the entity and light is the absence of darkness would be silly. Obviously, the only time that darkness exists is when there is an absence of light. If you don’t agree, try going into a dark room and turning “off” the darkness. O.K., I thought so – now turn on the light. If you want darkness, turn “off” the light. Sound and silence are also examples of this. Sound is the entity, and silence is the absence of sound. Heat and cold are another example. Cold is merely the absence of heat. There are many more examples.

It is time we started appreciating what we have while we have it (Health). Nobody wants to be one of those people that only begins to take care of themselves once their health is already gone. It is much harder to get your health back than it is to maintain it. Exercise before you have a heart attack, eat well before your cholesterol goes up too high, brush and floss before you get cavities, and get adjusted before your body falls apart. If you treat your body like a garbage dump, guess what you get? A dump! If you know someone who is not under regular Chiropractic care because nobody ever took the time to simply explain it to them – do them a great service and tell them. Someone had the love and initiative to tell you.