Dear Dr. Fleischer,

Our family has been under your care for almost a year. Your enthusiasm brought, first my husband, then myself, then, through education, our son (3 years) was introduced. Chiropractic has surprised us with some personal changes. It is obvious that our family has experienced a boost in our immune system. We have always been a circle of cold/flu’s; starting with one of us, passing to the rest, then back full circle for months. We have tried everything that pharmacies have to offer as well as the antibiotics of the medical community. Since your care, we have managed to do without the “medicines”.
Another Change we have noticed is a major decrease in the quantity of headaches my husband has experienced. He has also noticed an improvement in the lower back area. We have, however, learned from you that chiropractic did not “cure” us, it has just helped improve our well being.
You continue to educate us as well as remaining equally excited about your profession and our health as you were at our first visits. That kind of care is priceless. I cannot think of any other doctor (including our pediatrician) who is as devoted, dedicated, involved, and truly concerned about his patients as you are.
Our family thanks you and is looking forward to other improvements your care, supervision, education and enthusiasm will provide us.


Dan, Cathrin, and Kevin

P.S. See you next week!