It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

I had initially met Howard at the gym after seeing him there frequently and learning he was preparing for a bodybuilding contest. Then one day, to my surprise, he showed up at my job. He was in our employee break room educating associates about Chiropractic. This is when I learned of his profession for the first time. Still, though at age 29, I thought a chiropractor was a doctor you went to when your back hurt or you had a neck pain or some similar ailment.

I asked Howard at the gym one day if he got any clients from his visit to my job. That’s when he asked me if I was interested in getting “adjusted”. I still didn’t even know what that meant, and since my back didn’t hurt or anything else for that matter, I declined but still gave Howard my phone number for future reference. Howard called me back and offered me a free consultations, which I was somewhat curious about, but I was slow to return his call.

Then fate intervened. During a workout, I apparently pinched a nerve. I wasn’t sure at the time. I thought maybe I just strained a muscle in my neck. All I know for sure was that I was in terrible pain. I tried 3 brands of aspirin for 4 or 5 days with no improvement at all. Then I realized I needed to see Howard.

From my first visit, when I accused Howard of putting a curse on me and my neck, I was “hooked”. Howard took the time to educate me about Chiropractic and I liked it! I’ve always been a health conscious person since my early teens, working out and eating good, so this sounded right for me. After the first few adjustments my pain went away in my neck and I looked forward to each visit. After my next few visits and getting back into the gym, I noticed that certain pain when doing certain exercises had gone away! I also noticed how certain muscles had not developed evenly because of my body compensating for being out of alignment. My body is now working as efficiently as possible and I can feel the difference!

I can only wonder what an obstacle my subluxations have been to my health and performance thus far. I thank Howard Fleischer for introducing me to and educating me about Chiropractic. Howard always has my best interest as a priority and look forward to seeing him for many, many years.